Restaurants & Bars

Andalusia Restaurant & Terrace

Main Restaurant offers different theme nights, international, Egyptian, Asian, etc.and live cooking.

Sombrero Mexican Restaurant

Enjoy Traditional Mexican Cuisine offering Ala Carte Menu. Advance reservation required. Please call 769.

Asia House Restaurant

Enjoy Asian, Indian & Chinese dishes prepared by our Asian Specialty Chefs. Ala Carte menu. Advanced reservation required. Please call 597 (Extra Chage)

Bars & Cafes

Great Variety of Bars & Cafes offering snacks & beverages

Andalusia Terrace Bar
Elite Bar
Sailor Bar

Open from 10 am till Sunset, Serving variety of Beverage and snacks.

Open Daily from 14:00 till 2:00 AM

Open 24 Hours serving all variety of Beverages & Snacks