Dive into the depth of flavors with Dreams Vacation Various Restaurants & Bars

  • Andalusia Main Restaurant - Buffet Style
  • Asia House - Ala Carte 
  • Sombrero Restaurant -  Ala Carte
  • Lobby Bars & Lounges 


Experience gastronomic delight at Andalusia Restaurant - our buffet style main restaurant. Savor the blend of tradition and innovation in every bite


Immerse yourself in Asian allure at the Asia House. Delight in our exquisite decor and vibrant flavors, a true testament to the East's culinary artistry.


A unique blend of Spanish and indigenous Mexican cuisines, loaded with unique ingredients, making it unlike any other food you've tasted before. Our Sombrero Restaurant offers you an intangible cultural heritage


A quick tour exploring Dreams Vacation Lobby & Sailor Bar